First Book Signing

Photography of our Beautiful World

Horned Owl in Olton, Texas
Hummingbird Moth in MI.
Rainbow Lake in Michigan
Blue Heron in Michigan
Palo Duro Canyon, Texas
Pensacola Beach, Florida
Texas snow bear
Rainbow Lake in Michigan
Wild Turkey
Holland, Mi.
Texas Mule Deer

Mom & Dad—Our Love, Sung by Sandy Winn

My Family & His Family makes Our Family

First Mother's Day with Kim
Walt/ Ron & Gloria Sidovar & their granddauther Abbey
Granddaughter Brooke & Grandson Zachary
Grandson Richard, wife Tabitha and Aurora
My niece Kelsi with my dad
Son Gene (Hank)
My beautiful Great granddaughter Aubrey
Walt & sister Dora with granddaughters Shanon & Angel with her childern
Granddaughter Brooke, Mom and me
Walt with his brother Lester
Daughter Sandy, Mom & Dad
Walt & sister-in-law in-law Linda and her son Joel
Me with Uncle Clare and Aunt Gerry
Cousin Arch & wife Cindy
Cousin Ron & me
Cousin Ivan and wife Carroll With Totsie and Bella
Walt with his daughter Sandy
My Uncle Bob's and Aunt Dorthy's kids. Julie, Bobby, Roberta and Archie (Cousins)
Cousins Pat & Sandy (reaction you get when you say-picture me naked)
Aunt Dorothy, Roberta & me
Aunt Sonja & Don
Mom and dad with Uncle Chet and his daughter Christine

Our Friends

Susan Reed my best friend
Rainbow Lake best friends Judy & Bob , Carol & Dale Frankie
Me & best friend Dar & her daughter Dawn
Carolynn & Gene --best friends from Rainbow Lake
Me with Jack and his son Mark ( family friends for years)
Out best friends Tom & Rose
Milly & Mark best people ever
Me & best friend Gay. she handed me her gun so I'd look like a Texas women
Best friend Carol & Frankie
My golf friend Max
Friends in Florida Patty & Kelly
Ray--a best friend
Best friends Jim & Sherry with my daughter KIm