My Beautiful Valley

My Beautiful Valley

Evening, the most beautiful time of the day for me
​Standing on the porch, I breath in the mountain air
​The old wooden swing beckons me to rest my weary body
Suspended with rusty chains, it hangs from the porch ceiling
Back and forth, squeaking sounds reveal its age
I sit here, reflecting with the fondest recollections

The valley, most beautiful place on God’s green earth
​Looking yonder one can see the mountains,  like a fortress
Majestic they are, surrounding the valley with color
​The sun and moon rising and setting behind those ridges
I reckon not a more spectacular sight anywhere

The huge trees, relics of their longevity, here in the valley
​Many kinds of critters, make their home among the towering giants
All creatures big and small live in harmony and balance
​Birds fly in and out of the trees, nesting, raising their young
So,  it is Ma and Pa  built this log cabin long ago, to raise me

Pa told me Ma picked this spot to build their home
She liked the brook and sound it made, especially evenings
Now I realize why it appealed to her,  it’s so calming
Yes sir, makes you wonder where that old stream is headed
Almost hear it speaking to me as it flows by

​Pa and I fished all along these banks on the river
Caught some mighty fine looking Brook Trout,
I remember Pa’s old fishing hat and crewel
​He’d get those two things and Ma understood his intentions
She sure knew how to fry those fish, I miss that

Many trips, carrying that river rock, to build the bridge of stone
​Pa made that special for Ma, gift of love to her he said
​Something she visualized early on, but never thought she’d get
The look in her eyes when she saw it the first time
They welled right up with tears, and she likely squeezed Pa to death

​Learned a lesson that day, just a bit about how to treat a lady
Just how appreciative a female can be when she’s treated right
​Ma and Pa were fine examples, how two in love should live
They always put each other first and my needs above them
​Ma and Pa taught me unconditional love, learned from the best

Breaking the silence of the evening are the sounds of nature
​I can hear a wolf howling at the moon in the distance
​Insects are playing an evening symphony in the dark night
With the darkness has come a slight breeze and smell of rain
Indoor day tomorrow I reckon, I’ll have to make my own sunshine

​Plan on retiring here someday, can’t come soon enough
Spend my vacations here every summer, relaxing
Before leaving I’ll pay my respects to the folks
​They’d be happy to know, I’ve kept this place
My beautiful valley, best place in the world
by Gloria Davis
​February 25,2008