Christmas Past

Christmas Past

Remembering Christmas when I was small
Reckon were the best times of all
Gathering round the Christmas tree

The baking which took place
Long before Christmas day
Aroma tantalized my every thread

Weren’t many presents way back then
Best of times were spent with kin
Making gifts for the family

Stories my Little Grandma read
Most every night before tucked in bed
From the Bible parts underlined in red

Laughing thinking bout the tree
It towered over me
Til daddy took saw to make it fit

Daddy had to turn the tree
Best side for all to see
Inside and from the street side too

The lights he placed on the tree
Satisfactory for mom had to be
Bubbly ones were favorite to me

Old ornaments from years past
The kind which seem to last
One of those I still have today

The icicles we put on last
One at a time wasn’t fast
Looked like spider’s web was weaved

Songs of the season I loved to hear
Eggnog served when carolers neared
Birth of Jesus in a manger lay

The Gift send from God above
Sent down in love
The reason for our Christmas Day

It’s not presents neath the tree
Which mean the most to me
It’s who I shared time around it with

Christmas then and now
Memories held within my heart
Give me the fondest recollect
By Gloria Davis
copyright 2017