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Unconditional: Ever Changing Never Ending Family Love — 2nd Edition

Jane was a child of privilege. She moved in the best social circles, attended the best schools, had “the help” at her beck and call, and never wanted for anything…or so she thought. Jane was looking forward to her Sweet Sixteen and the promise of true love when her parents decided on a surprise vacation that would change her life forever.

One summer spent experiencing the joys of living a primitive lifestyle in the mountains would give her a new perspective on everything she knew about family and unconditional love.

2nd Edition

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Unconditional is a sweet and engrossing story that explores the importance of love without conditions. A breath of fresh air, Unconditional spins its tale without graphic language or sexual content. The reader is transported to a simple life, where problems were solved on the front porch swing, and life is lived for the simple joy found in the moments.