About Gloria

Our Story

This would have been my story, but everyday life brings changes. Respecting all my children even my boys from another mother and father, I will leave out parts of my life and focus on the happy. I divorced after the five children were raised. I planned being single the rest of my life. Dating in my older age kind of scared me. I really didn’t want to be in a close relationship ever again. Life was great. I had a small apartment. I was enjoying spending time with family and friends until…

Walter Davis showed up in my life and changed everything. He loved my family which was a must for me or it would have been a deal breaker in our relationship. I fell in love despite all my efforts not to. Making this very long story short we married and enjoyed all life had to offer on Rainbow Lake in Mancelona, Mi. He encouraged all the things I love to do which is about everything. He kept saying I should have my book published but I didn’t. When it came to my photography he was a man like no other. Stopping the car and pulling over for me to get the perfect shot. I was as bad as one could be at painting pictures, but he kept telling me I was getting better.

We decided the winters were becoming a bit too much. Cutting wood and shoveling snow made a hard decision easier. We moved to Lubbock, Texas. I have a daughter here and grandkids. We are enjoying life here but miss those family and friends we left in Michigan. They are always in our heart and mind. My dad told me years ago that wherever you go, home will always go with you. It has and we have a happy home here.

My daughter, Sandy Winn, told me she wanted my book published and got everything started to make it happen. A dream of mine which I thought could never possibly happen was in the making. The support from family and friends really makes a difference in our lives.

This web site is to promote my dream come true.

  1. This picture I took of my daughter Kimberly Phares, which was then edited onto my painting by my awesome friend Dar.
  2. I had the best publisher ever, Lavender Williams,  owner of Candy Publishing.